Cooling Source, Inc. is an acknowledged expert for heatsinks and all types of thermal integrated solutions. We offer a wide variety of both custom and standardized heatsinks, heat pipes, fans, plastic injection molded parts and other customized versions for your very specific needs. We are pleased to provide our customers with one source consulting and final production for any manufactured part needs.


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Bonded fin heat sinks:
Our bonded fin heat sinks are manufactured from either aluminum or copper metal sheets, or by using an extrusion process. Using either epoxy or a solder/braze process, they are then bonded to the base. Each process is designed to meet specific needs and our knowledgeable consulting is always available to answer any manufacturing questions you may have.
Bonded fin heat sinks are generally designed for high power application with low thermal resistance. Forced air cooling is required for these products.
Die cast heat sinks:
Die cast heat sinks are perfect if you need a custom designed aluminum heat sink. They are manufactured by forcing liquid aluminum under high pressure into re-usable steel molds. This is often an ideal solution when you require a more complex design in high volume and with lower thermal conductivity.
Extrusion heat sinks:
Our standard aluminum heat sinks are the perfect solution when you have both low cost needs and fast to market requirements and are available in either standard or customized types.  An aluminum block is pushed or drawn through a die to create a straight or cross-cut finished product. Each is designed to meet a specific need, and our experts can help you decide which is best for your application.
Extrusion heat sinks can be a great choice when you require a low tooling cost, a low cost per piece, and little or no secondary machining.
Folded fin heat sink:
 Folded fin heat sinks are manufactured by bending aluminum or copper sheets into a variety of fins which are later bonded to a base. This type of heat sink allows for the base and the fins to be manufactured from different materials and can be an excellent choice when you require a thin fin of light weight, differing materials for fin and base, and a low tooling cost.
Forged heat sink:
Forged heat sinks are manufactured by either pressing, pounding, or squeezing metal metal under great pressure, producing parts of exceptionally high strength. The forging die process usually starts with hot, pre-heated metal at a specific temperature. This type of heat sink can be a good choice when you need a high aspect ratio for any fin type made from either copper or a lighter weight aluminum. 
Skived heat sink:
 Skived heat sinks are manufactured by utilizing cutting tools and a controlled slicing technique to produce heat sinks made from a solid block of aluminum or copper. If your needs require a high aspect ratio, thin fins, low tooling costs and unidirectional flow, skived heat sinks could be an excellent solution for your application. As always, our knowledgeable experts can guide you towards the best choice for economy and production time to meet your needs.

Stamped fin heat sink:
Stamped fin heat sinks are manufactured by the application of extreme pressure to a piece of aluminum or copper to produce fins of the desired height, thickness and shape, which are then bonded to the heat sink metal base.
Stamped fin heat sinks are often recommended when you require a thin fin with limited thermal performance. They are characterized by a high tooling cost and low cost per piece.

Board Level heat sinks:
In addition to all of the heat sink varieties listed above, we also carry a wide range of BGA and T0-220 heat sinks, which are normally available for immediate delivery. Contact us for immediate inventory availability,  If you require non-standard parts, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide them quickly and at globally competitive pricing.

Cold Plates:
Cooling Source, Inc. utilizes a range of technologies and round or flat tubing to produce performance-fin cold plates with a liquid-cooled chassis.  Designed with the increasing demand for compact designs  in mind and with an accompanying requirement for power densities, this type of manufacturing satisfies the increasing demand for compact cooling requirements.
Utilized by fields as diverse as high-powered electronics, lasers, power drives and medical equipment,  and often supplied to the military and aerospace industries, cold plate technology is the perfect choice for your high-power requirements. If you are faced with high watt densities and air-cooled heat sinks are inadequate, liquid-cooled cold plates offer an ideal high-performance heat transfer solution alternative.

CPU Coolers:
We manufacture both standard or customized CPU cooler products that work with most AMD and Intel sockets. Our knowledgeable experts will help you determine whether your requirements call for specific customization or not.